With CA AAA Fake Panerai’s ‘experience’ editions, each watch is a once-in-lifetime journey

Selecting a luxury fake watch always comes with a bit of magical thinking. Each time you point one out from under the glass and strap it to your wrist, you don’t imagine yourself wearing it around the boutique. You picture yourself out in the world—hiking the Iguazu Falls, spear-fishing in the Azores, camping in the Liwa desert on a cool winter’s night. Put on a cheap replica Panerai Radiomir, for instance, and you might see yourself sailing the Mediterranean on a wooden ship, gazing up at the clouds to gauge the strength of the afternoon’s wind.

Pick that watch, of course, and that far-off dream may become a reality. Each of the perfect replica Panerai Radiomir Eilean Experience Edition came with a golden ticket, if you will, to the Amalfi Coast, offering a once-in-a-life time trip on the legendary Eilean yacht, designed by William Fife in 1936 and later appeared in the music video for Duran Duran’s ‘Rio’ back in 1982, sailing off to a private island usually reserved for celebrities and dignitaries.

1:1 super clone Panerai CA, after all, is a brand built on experiences. It notably built the watches for the frogmen of the Italian navy during World War II, and since 1860, AAA replica Panerai has been on many a wrist during intense dives across the globe. It makes sense that the brand’s most loyal clients would crave something a bit more from Panerai, and that’s exactly what the brand is delivering.

“We are not a travel agency,” Alessandro Ficarelli, Swiss made replica Panerai’s Chief Marketing Officer, tells Esquire Middle East from that very private isle off the Amalfi Coast. “Everyone can book a trip to Positano. Not everyone can come to a secret island. We want to offer our clients experiences that money can’t buy.”
That’s exactly what they’ve done. It began in 2019, where high quality fake Panerai watch came with an invite to train with the Italian navy, in which Panerai owners from multiple continents found themselves in an experience that would otherwise be an impossible wish. It’s proven to be a huge boon for the brand. After the successful Eilean Experience launch, clients are already booking the next experience-tied copy watch with nary a detail of what it might involve, or what the watch may look like.
“Word of mouth is spreading. We want to build memories, to create a strong association with the brand that has clients going back home to tell their friends something unique. People want to be a part of something like this,” Ficarelli continues.

For the watch wearer, of course, it all lasts far longer than the trip back to shore may take. The next time you pick that high quality fake Panerai CA off the dresser, it won’t just be an imagined association with a dive off the coast of Italy—it will be keepsake of a memory renewed.

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